Cloud Development

Bring your organization into the digital age by transferring existing systems to the cloud or creating powerful, cloud-first applications to streamline operations

Transitioning Existing Infrastructure to the Cloud

Classic software hosting systems were a workable starting point, but these setups don’t allow the flexibility or functionality today’s businesses need to satisfy customers and support growth. Add Value Infoway can help your organization streamline costs, resources, and management by moving existing systems from the basement to the cloud

Building Cloud-Based Software Solutions

While simply hosting software in the cloud certainly has its benefits, we encourage clients to adopt a cloud-first strategy, building software directly in the cloud to reap the many benefits the cloud has to offer. And the Add Value Infoway team can take care of it all, from drafting to deployment to maintenance.

Advantages of Choosing a Cloud-based Solution

Faster time to market

Cloud service providers have become adept at continually updating their offerings to meet the demands of this broad and diverse market


Unlike managed software solutions, on-demand, cloud-based billing services transfer the burden and risk of scaling to the provider

Low total cost of ownership

With no hardware or software to be purchased, companies using on-demand cloud services pay only for the functionality they need, avoiding exorbitant up-front fees

Security and Compliance

Cloud delivery enables businesses to leverage powerful security and compliance controls for each and every transaction built into the provider’s service

Reducing IT expenses

They do not require purchasing, installing, or maintaining software or hardware, reducing IT expenses and management headaches